Coordination of the network

The ongoing human induced climate change has been described as the most serious threat to global health of this century. The Norwegian Network on Climate and Health was established in November 8, 2010 with the purpose of contributing to the prevention the serious health consequences related to global warming.

The network consists of individuals and institutions that want to stimulate to ENGAGEMENT in environmental responsible actions. Members are encouraged to measure and reduce their personal CO2 emissions, and to stimulate individuals, organizations and institutions, in particular within the health sector, to reductions in emissions of greenhouse gasses. Further, the purpose is to INFORM about the health consequences of climate change and necessary mitigation measures. In this way we want to INFLUENCE politicians and other important stake holders for taking necessary actions for rapid reductions in emissions of climate gasses in order to prevent serious health consequences.

The network publishes a web-based journal (in Norwegian) entitled ‘Bærekraftig helse’ (“Sustainable Health”) that can be accessed from these web-pages for the network:

The network is coordinated by the following group:

Lars T. Fadnes, PhD research fellow, Centre for International Health, University of Bergen (co-ordinator and editor of the web-based journal ‘Bærekraftig helse’)

Unni Gopinathan, Norwegian Association of Medical Students, Section for International Affairs.

Gunnar Kvåle, Professor, Centre for International Health, University of Bergen

Britt Randem, Chief Physician, Oslo University Hospital, Section for Environment and Occupational Medicine

Guro Steine Letting, Chief Physician, Municipality of Fredrikstad

The network is developed after consultations with the British Council on Climate and Health (see: and has a similar purpose. The members of the Norwegian network are encouraged to register as members also with the British network.

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