Norwegian medical association on climate and health

What does the Norwegian medical association do for climate and health?

Steine Letting G, Razumova T.


In 2008, the Norwegian medical association defined health consequences of climate change as an important area of work for the next years. In the fall of 2008 a working group for climate and health was constituted. The group will advice the Board on questions related to health consequences of climate change, and help implement an action plan based on the basis document, and follow developments in the field of health consequences. The working group has suggested that all Norwegian hospitals should be environmentally certified. The working group consists of the following members: Gunnar Skipenes, Knut Erling Morksnes, Guro Steine Letting, Lasse Pihlstrøm, Linda Nguyen, Mette Bratt and Tatjana Razumova (secretary).


More about this on their web page

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